is your biggest asset looking its best?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a process that involves a lot of water (up to 20 litres a minute) at a low pressure, detergent to loosen the grime and good old fashioned elbow grease with a soft brush before the building is rinsed down to leave it clean and fresh.

Most exterior cleaning services performed by todays professionals fall under the soft washing methodology.  Soft washing is a much kinder to your buildings than high pressure cleaning. 


Are the detergents harmful?

No. The detergents I use are environmentally friendly. The quantity of the detergent is carefully controlled during the application process to ensure that there is enough on the job to perform the work required of it and not so much that it would leave a significant residue that would be of any concern. There is no evidence that it is at all harmful to plants or pets. 

During the final rinse process I fully rinse all of the foliage in the area of the work to ensure there is no residue left on your plants.


Will the cleaning process damage my house or property?

 THE HOUSE WASH GUY takes all possible steps to ensure that there will be no damage to your home or property. I treat your home as if it were my  own. With the correct use of the right products to do the job and low pressure high volume water application the whole washing process is fully controlled.

High pressure is never applied to any part of your buildings during the wash process! 


What if I am worried about damage to something particularly delicate?

At the time of quoting for your house wash I will be only too happy to listen to your concerns with regards to anything that you feel may require extra protection. After discussion with you I will do all that I can to accommodate your needs. It is my policy to treat your home as if it were my own.


Do I need to be home when you wash my home?

No. I am fully equipped to carry out the work required and all that I need at your home is a good reliable water supply from an outside tap. Before you leave home you need to ensure that all windows are closed, there is no washing on the line, footwear in the back porch or anything around the house that you would prefer didn’t get wet. If you have pets that can be a bit frightened of strangers on their property I ask that you take steps to secure them inside before you leave home.


Will I lose any paint?

At the time I assess your property for quotation purposes I will do a complete walk round of the house and will identify any area where I consider that the paintwork may be not as sound as it could be. It is my policy to identify these areas of concern with the home owner and to fully discuss the likely ramifications of the washing process on these areas. These are noted for special attention and will be brush washed only to mitigate the risk of any further degeneration of the problem area.


Can you remove paint if we require it?

Yes. I offer a pre-paint wash service that will take off dirt, grime and remove flaky paint. Sufficient pressure is applied to the building to remove loose paint but it should not be considered to be the full and complete pre-paint preparation.  Sorry folks, scrapers and sandpaper are still required but at least the surface dirt will be gone.


I have a brick home. Why do I need to have it washed?

Regardless of the exterior cladding on your home it is just good home maintenance to have your home washed regularly. While dirt and grime is not as obvious on a brick exterior somewhere on the house there will be painted surfaces, e.g. facia boards and soffits. Metal or plastic spouting needs washing. Metal for the salt and corrosion and plastic gets black in time. Spiders are of course an ever present problem whatever the exterior of our homes may be made up of. All of these issues are taken care of with THE HOUSE WASH GUY soft wash.


Why do I need to get my home washed at all?

Our homes are our biggest assets. Next on the list would usually be our cars. We all wash out cars and keep them in good repair. Just like our cars our homes get dirty to and so as part of normal maintenance we should have our homes washed. All of the leading paint manufactures recommend that, to prolong the life of the paint product, at the very least an annual wash of your home is recommended. It’s all about keeping your biggest asset looking its best.  Being coastal as we are here in the Bay of Plenty salt spray is one of the bigger issues when it comes to what makes our homes dirty. Along with the salt comes corrosion on aluminium joinery, metal flashings and metal guttering. I can offer you a bi-annual or annual wash of your home thus reducing the likelihood of failure of the metal components of your home.  After it has been done the first time the next time round the job is always easier and the cost goes down.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Many folks attempt to perform pressure washing services on their own by purchasing high-pressure machines at their local home improvement stores. For most home applications high pressure isn’t needed and will actually damage siding, stucco, wood and even concrete. I use a low-pressure system that is safe to use on any surface and cleans more thoroughly than using high pressure alone. With the correct use of soaps and cleaners, my experience allows me to safely clean your property without harm to your home, family, pets or landscaping.  Mould, algae and dirt are quickly removed and afterwards your home stays cleaner longer.


Does the house wash include the windows?

Absolutely. The exterior of all of the windows are fully washed and rinsed along with the rest of the exterior of your home.


Do you do water blasting?

The equipment I use has the capabilities of a water blaster. Water blasting is used on hard surface areas such as driveways, cobblestones, pavers, brick, stone or concrete walls and paths. The pressure can be varied to suite the degree of wash that is required. Decks are also pressure washed with a lower pressure than required for concrete but a higher pressure than an exterior wash. The delivery pressure from my machine is infinitely variable to suite all surface requirements.

High pressure is never applied to any part of your building during the washing process.


What does it cost?

Every job is different and is priced according to a number of factors. The quoted price offered for the job is the price that I stand by. There are no hidden surprises. Factors that determine the quoted price are


  1. Type of clean. Soft wash on the house, pressure wash on concrete, decks, walls, fences.
  2. Size and height of the house or building. 
  3. What the cladding type is. Brick, Stucco, weatherboard, Paint.
  4. How dirty is the building?
  5. Can I access the site easily?
  6. Water pressure


The walls on my house are green/black. How can you help me? 

This problem is not uncommon on the south or colder side of your home. This is a form of mould. I can treat this for you to kill the mold and spores. Then I soft wash your home to remove the discolouration caused by the mold and freshen up your whole house.


My driveway and paths are green and slippery when wet can you help me? 

Areas such as drives and paths are skyward facing and soot, pollen, dust and dirt all settle on them at some stage. This then forms an environment that mosses and lichen just love to grow in. When it gets wet it becomes a dangerous slip hazard. I can pressure wash this off your driveway and paths and make your concrete look fresh again. After I have pressure washed the concrete I can chemically treat the surfaces to kill any remaining spores.


My garden furniture is not so flash. Can you wash that for me?

Not a problem. I can soft wash or pressure wash your outdoor furniture depending on the degree of soiling. If I wash wooden outdoor furniture I recommend that it be recoated with a suitable preservative product. This is a service I can carry out for you, please discuss with me during the quotation process.


Do you guarantee your work? 

Yes, I fully guarantee my work. You will be dealing with the owner/operator on the job. It is my pledge to you that I will treat you home as it if was my own. I will not leave the job until you and I are completely satisfied with the finish.

Selling your home? 

Is your biggest asset looking its best? Are you selling your home? First impressions are the most important. A freshly  washed home with clean surfaces gives a potential buyer a good first impression and they  can be comfortable in knowing that their possible purchase has been well looked after.


 THE HOUSE WASH GUY  specialises in making your biggest asset look its best.