is your biggest asset looking its best?




ü Soft wash house washing
Moss, mould, lichen treatment

ü Outdoor furniture cleaning
Salt spray build up removal

ü Pre-paint cleaning
ü Paths and driveway cleaning
Fence, trellis and wall cleaning
ü Decks, balconies, courtyards cleaned


THE HOUSE WASH GUY is based in Tauranga and available to service all parts of the Bay Of Plenty. Areas outside Tauranga will incur reasonable travel costs. If you are outside of Tauranga and can encourage your neighbours to take advantage of my services at the same time I will discount travel for you all.


Soft wash home / building clean

New Zealand’s climate is a harsh environment for the exterior cladding of your home. Over time weather, mould and pollution cause a build-up of grime and dirt. Major paint manufacturer’s recommend exterior house cladding is washed at least once a year to extend the protective shield the paint provides. 

Soft washing is the kindest and safest way to clean your home or building exterior. 

  1. First I use a high volume, low pressure rinse to soak and loosen dirt and grime.  
  2. Next I apply an Eco and user friendly house wash detergent and let it do its work. If your house has wooden joinery around windows and doors I hand brush these in order to minimise water seepage.
  3. The whole house, where practical, from gutters to foundations, including window exteriors, is scrubbed with a soft brush to ensure maximum grime removal. 
  4. Finally I use a high volume, low pressure rinse to clean and remove the grime and dirt leaving a spotless finish. 



Treatment of moss, mold and lichen

Moss builds up on paths and can be dangerous when wet. I pressure wash this build-up away and, although I can’t make the surface new again, I can certainly make it clean and safe for the wetter months.


Removal of salt spray build-up

Being coastal as we are here in the Bay Of Plenty, salt spray is an issue and it carries a long way. In time, if left on the building exterior, corrosion on aluminium joinery, roofing materials and degeneration of the paintwork start to happen and the life of the protective coating is reduced. I can effectively remove the build-up of salt spray and help to extend the life of your building’s exterior.


External concrete, paths, balconies, decking, fences and walls  

Hard surfaces respond well to pressure washing and will get your exterior looking its best.  


Complete garden furniture wash.

I can soft wash or pressure wash your outdoor furniture depending on the degree of soiling. When washing wooden outdoor furniture I recommend that it be recoated with a suitable preservative product. This is a service I can carry out for you, please discuss with me during the quotation process.



Are you considering exterior repainting? The secret to a long lasting paint finish is in the preparation. 

To do a PRE PAINT wash I  use a  trusted four-step process for paint preparation:

  1. First I use a high volume rinse to soak and loosen dirt and grime. 
  2. Next I apply our house wash detergent and let it work on the grime.
  3. After a good soak time, where practical, I brush the whole exterior of your home from the gutters to the foundations .
  4. Finally a high pressure rinse is used to wash away the grime, dirt and loose paint.  I use quality equipment to ensure I get into all the hard-to-reach places.

Other pre-paint work such as sanding and scraping may still be needed prior to painting.